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Is this a religious comment????

Chris James

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In America an event like this would bring out the loonies calling it God's vengeance...but it didn't happen here. Taking that attitude I imagine there will be some screams that Allah is not happy with his people, or maybe someone in charge just didn't pay attention to the weather reports...I favor the latter.


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God's wrath isn't only felt in Mecca. They're experiencing heavy rainfall and flooding, along with some deaths, in Northern Japan. Torrential rains are swelling rivers to overflowing, dikes are collapsing, and whole towns are being destroyed.

I for one don't believe in a wrathful God. I think it's nature doing it's thing, as it has for millennia.


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Cole, the Japanese always seem to have a better relationship with their gods, Shinto teaches that. They feel Mother Nature has done them more good than bad throughout the centuries.

The Arab view of Allah is as supplicants who accept anything the Big Guy throws at them. The body count in Mecca is now 107, but then they are now upstairs and enjoying their 72 virgins.

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Good point. Is he supposed to marry them all and satisfy them all for eternity? Does he earn a new batch every ten years of so? Is he allowed to cull the herd? I wonder if these details are written down anywhere.

I just did some online research and came up with this:

Mohammed knew that sex would sell very well among the group of his followers who were motivated to fight battles by the promise of sex slaves and booty. By constantly emphasizing to his followers that they would get untouched virgins in Paradise, Mohammed is clearly expressing his "high" opinion of the institution of marriage and his fairness to women. Once the followers go to heaven, they can conveniently ditch their wives for the fresher and more pleasurable sexual encounters with 'Houris' (beautiful virgins). islam%20Houri%20small.jpgThe poor wives who gave up their virginity for the pleasure of their husbands do not get anything. But wait, Allah is all merciful! He gives the wives the rarTe honour of watching their husbands deflower those 72 Houris (virgins) and 28 young pre-pubescent boys.

I'd never heard of the boys being a reward before.


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Is there no end to the religious lunacy? Evidently, not, but I like the idea that along with the 72 virgins, the recipients also get 72 mothers-in-law.

As for the 28 boys, they are probably regarded as being liberated for the sake of their eternal life, or some such twisted notion.

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