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Determinied Boys!


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I saw both of these a few years ago when researching Dance of the Wicked Boys. These are excellent. There are actually dozens of wonderful videos of young dancers on Youtube.

For a long time in American schools, boys trained in the same classes as girls. It was only until recently that most schools began separate programs for the early years, recognizing that boys have different physical needs in training and giving them more athletic-type training to use up the extra energy boys have and to overcome the stigma for young boys. Later, of course, it is necessary, especially in partner classes, for the males to train with females.

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These really are some amazing young boys, and so very dedicated. To chose classical dance instead of basketball like the other boys in school...well, it says a lot about their courage and intelligence. Ballet training is so grueling that you have to admire the stamina which seems to go beyond anything found in a school sports program. Only the ignorant would tease and belittle a boy who wants to be a dancer...so I say bravo to these future stars.

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