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The Bull Singer by DJ

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Happy to see this story appear in Dude's Picks, especially as it has been a while since I read this.

DJ would probably like you to know that this story is a follow up to The Only Way to Fly which introduces the main characters as she first developed them. That was the first story DJ began posting to various places and was my introduction to her incredible catalog of work.

There aren't too many women writers that develop a good strong voice for gay characters but I judge her to be among the best. In the many email chats we've had over the years I came to admire her lifetime of experiences and how she learned to express that in her work.

Bull Singer is a massive story, one of several she's written. But when you have so much to say an author always finds it hard to stop the flow. A great read...go find out for yourself.

Here's the link: http://www.awesomedude.com/DJ/TBS/index.htm

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I am really happy to see this story here in Dude's Picks - came across The Only Way to Fly and ended up reading the whole series. Really liked this one and it is a very worthwhile read I would recommend to anyone.

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