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What's New in Codey's World 10/28

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A Totally Messed Up Halloween ~ A Halloween Story by Colin Kelly. Jeff's 14th birthday is on Halloween. As usual he will have a combination birthday and Halloween party. This year it's on Saturday, October 31st. Slam dunk. Surely nothing could go wrong.

Kyle ~ A Halloween Story by Grant Bentley. Not all summer camps are fun, but Halloween is.

Not All Angels Have Wings ~ A Halloween Story by a new Codey's World author, Steve Temke. Not all monsters have fangs, and not all angels have wings.

THE LEGEND OF KIWAKAAZI ~ Chapters 3 and 4 of Book Two of a Novel by Nanak. The story revolves around a nineteen year old intelligent young scientist, Kiwakaazi, in ancient Africa. He was accused and found guilty of an incident that claimed many lives in the then Nibooman (Land of Inventions or Western Empire) of Africa. As punishment, he was banished to find a special plant that bears a special flower in Nomposuro (dark and evil forest). There was only one slight problem. The kranjus (immortal guardians) stand in his way. How is thin, weak and naive Kiwakaazi going to survive in Nomposuro? The epic and yet very spiritual journey of Kiwakaazi and other related stories has been captured in this story. Enjoy!

The Navigator ~ Chapter 27 that ends the Novel by Cynus. Sometimes building a wall around yourself doesn't do what you want, no matter how hard to try to maintain a facade of self-sufficiency.

Featured stories are from our archive and we think you'll enjoy reading them again — or for the first time. This week we have three featured stories, each with a Halloween theme.
Against My Will ~ A Halloween Story by Grant Bentley. Grady goes to a Halloween party totally against his will. As a result, his life may never be quite the same.
Halloween Payback ~ A Halloween Story by Colin Kelly. What was thought to be a Halloween prank turns out to be a homophobic slur. Will Darryl be able to prove who did it?
The Mask ~ A Halloween Story by Lugnutz. What Jeremy wanted was a winning costume, and his mom had the best idea. A costume his dad had worn.

Special Feature
About our Freefall Contest: In 2007 Codey proposed an interesting project for the other authors here at Codey's World. He would write the beginning of a short story, The Best of Friends, providing the setting and the characters, and the authors would (if they wanted) each write the end of the story. Codey loved this concept, and planned to do it again in the future. Unfortunately, he was never able to complete that future project.
Codey originally planned to write four more chapters to complete his novel Freefall. Again, unfortunately, he was never able to complete the novel.
So we've decided to have the kind of contest that Codey planned, this time to invite and encourage both authors at Codey's World and AwesomeDude, and those new to writing but would like to give it a try, to write a closing chapter for Freefall.
Follow the link above for the details. And how about giving it a try?

Click here to read the hundreds of serial novels, short stories, flash fiction, and poems on the Codey's World site.

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