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'Joseph's Cat' by Pedro

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Like a lot of hunter animals, cats can read your emotions. It goes without saying (but I will anyway) some cats are better than others at this. I've known cats that will snuggle up to a sick child whereas whereas they'd have nothing to do with the child if healthy.

So although the basic premise is a bit far fetched, it is not that far fetched. And it does have to be admitted, it's cute!

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I, too, thought it a wonderful story. The Lady Artemis, who is in charge of my home and looks exactly like Snowy, was relaxing over the keyboard when I was reading the story, so I assume she read it too and we sent Pedro an email telling him so.

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Thank you all for kind words.

. Very entertaining.


Which, in the broadest sense, must be part of what we do here?

I'd say it was far-fetched, but much having to do with cats seems far-fetched to me.


Far fetched? that a cat might have 'gaydar' - yes but the idea amused me. That stroking a cat might make you 'pleasurably uncomfortable' ? - no, it happened to me once. It was a bit of a surprise and embarrassing but at least it wasn't in public.

Cole- there are those who would say the second half of that sentence was fighting talk.


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I think Pedro has found his calling: writing laugh-out-loud stories! And, of course, it has a happy ending and an accepting mother. Perfect!

Colin :icon_geek:

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