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You won't see something like this at your local Ikea, or any other modern furniture store. This piece was built in the late 18th century by Abraham and David Roentgen. It was owned by King Frederick William II.

Now, I'm a woodworker and really enjoy making furniture. This, however, is not something even my wildest imaginings could have conceived of, let alone built. I was slightly disappointed when they showed a couple of the inner workings. This is a piece that I prefer to think of as PFM. (For those unfamiliar with the anagram, it's one we who operated and maintained the nuclear reactors of US Naval Subs would use when asked by the lay public to explain how our reactors worked. We would always answer with that anagram, which stands for Pure Fucking Magic.)

Well, judge for yourself.

I give to you the Roentgens' Berlin Secretary Cabinet

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What a glorious creation.

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