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Emotional Chemistry


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Emotional Chemistry

One wakes you up in the morning,

Don?t forget a few lines of blow.

The white one is good for parties,

The red ones make the day go slow.

The yellow one gives you energy,

The blue one makes everything feel all right.

The round one is good for when the pain comes,

The capsule is good when you feel uptight.

The caplets make nightmares go away,

The hash makes you just feel swell.

But don?t dare ever miss a dose,

Or you?ll find that you live in hell.

Clever self deceptions,

We tell ourselves such sweet, sweet lies.

And watch the man in the mirror,

As his soul slowly withers and dies.

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Reminds me a bit of White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane.

Photo is SOOO big, honey. (Don't you love when men tell you that?)

Ever seen the bumper sticker/tee shirt slogan: Reality is for People who can't Face Drugs?

and, of course,

Better Living Through Chemistry, which was, I think, a Devo slogan at one point.

But you know, drugs don't kill, people do.



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