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Disturbing new film: Spotlight


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Just saw a new film this evening: Spotlight. It is a well done, gripping, near-documentary about the team of reporters at the Boston Globe who uncovered the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston. Their revelations led to the worldwide scandal that still reverberates, although in fairness the more recent search for perpetrators seems to focus more on school employees and government officials.

The film is not showing widely yet -- seems to be released to a few new cities each week -- but the theater I attended was packed. (And a 250 mile round trip, I might add.)

The film is far less about the molestations themselves than the diocesan cover-up and the Boston Globe team that scaled monumental hurdles in order to uncover it all. It is nonetheless a deeply affective as well as effective presentation.

I highly recommend it.

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It's playing locally where I live. We're heading out on Sunday so we don't have time to see it until we get back, but it's on my list of films to see.

Colin : icon_geek

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