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A to Z by Parker Owens

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A slightly unusual tale with the main 'star' having serious self esteem issues although he does slowly improve. Well worth a read as not only is there a lot of it already, but the editor is Craftingmom and she does seem to get involved in better stories (and writes herself too).

Frequent updates at the moment too, as of today, 31 chapters!


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I've stuck with it because the writing is good and because I couldn't believe how badly circumstances continually f--k over the main character. Although it pulls the reader down further than Charles Dickens ever did I think I begin to see sunlight peeping through around chapter 33. At this point I'm addicted and hoping for the best.

I'd like to see Parker Owens writing something cheerful. He's a good storyteller and his characters are convincing.

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After the above comments, I started reading and have got to chp. 10.

It strikes me as a dose of harsh reality, not really gratuitous in its description of violence, but unrelenting, nevertheless.

I'm thinking that a measure of reality is what is sometimes needed to balance our more romantic offerings, so I'll keep reading, at least for the moment.

I think the writing is very well done.

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I was not in the mood for starting a long story set in a dark place emotionally. SoI thought I would look for what else he had posted to see if I liked his writing enough to persevere at some later time.

He has posted two chapters that seem to be linked shorts, but there is the hint they may develop into something longer.

I liked them, nicely observed and nicely written. Try here:


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Yesss! I'm glad I stuck with it; the clouds seem to be rolling back and there might even be a silver lining peeping through. The writing has been top-notch, but boy, what a downer most of it has been. Wait--it still isn't resolved. Something could still go wrong...

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No it's not a 43 chapter downer. In fact I've found it a realistic portrayal of one teenager's determination to survive.

Make no mistake, the opening chapters have to be the way they are in order to set up the rest of the story.

This is not a gratuitous s&m tale, because the description of suffering, compels realisation of empathy and compassion.

Does the story resolve all that the lad suffers? That is something that has yet to be discovered and I expect we will find the resolution in the final chapters.

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I'm proud to say I've stuck with this one, through some pretty awful times and finally some pretty wonderful outcomes. It will stay with me. And within this Epilogue here and there are the most wonderful words a writer can put down for a reader to find and read: 'but that's another story...'. I can't wait.

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