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Happy Thanksgiving


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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I'm thankful for the gentlefolk who frequent this site. Politeness and comity, friendliness and respect are the way of life here. I'm proud to be involved in this endeavor, and proud of all of you, too.

May we all have a grand day, and weigh the same tomorrow as we do today.

Why are the cranberries red?

Because they saw the turkey dressing.


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Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

Today is the day on which all Americans give thanks that Benjamin Franklin was never elected to office. Otherwise we'd be honoring the turkey as our national bird rather than stuffing our gut with it!

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Thanks to James for starting this topic.

Although the feeling is strong throughout the year, it seems as if the American Thanksgiving Day holiday is a good time to express my thanks in words.

In our twelfth year, AwesomeDude is thankful for everyone who has contributed to its very existence.

These include the amazing group of authors who regularly share their inspiration and creativity through novels, poetry and short stories which enrich our lives. Without our awesome authors, AwesomeDude.com would be nothing.

We are also thankful for our awesome readers who come back week after week to catch up with the latest chapter updates of their favorite serial stories and to read newly posted short stories.

We’re thankful, as well, to those readers and authors who contribute their comments to the AwesomeDude Forums making it a true meeting place for the gay literary community.

We are also thankful for those who – although maybe not actively contributing to the dialogue – check in with the Forums on a regular basis to read the comments posted there.

We are also thankful for those of you who write with helpful comments on our site and its authors and those of you who point out areas where we can improve.

I want to express special thanks to AlienSon, one of our talented authors, who two years ago signed on as our Design and Technical Editor and who has made major improvements to the site and it’s appearance as well as routinely solving problems experienced by authors and readers in their further enjoyment of the site. John stepped in when I was going through severe eye problems and literally kept AwesomeDude alive. I cannot thank him enough!

And I am thankful to all of you, both authors and readers, who have contributed to keeping us going with your contributions through donations either directly or through our PayPal account.

Again, thanks to all of you!

Mike, aka the dude.

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