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Ugly Americans

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This is the wackiest time I can remember in politics. Religion seems to have a higher profile this time around, although Reagan and the Bushes were considered good Christians, the Christians of today seem to be lunatics by comparison.

I am not talking about Trump, the self aggrandizing egotistical maniac who is running the GOP bus into the ditch. The latest Christian swagger comes from Rubio, although I think any right minded church going person might hesitate after reading this:


God's plan, huh? I love it when blowhards drop the God word as if the big cheese in the sky talks directly to them. I guess this means Rubio believes that the slaughter of innocent non-combatants is ordained by God. Since he is God I suppose he doesn't have to give us a reason for this holy transgression, but Rubio does. Tell us Marco, do you embrace any part of the New Testament?

God of the Old Testament is far different than the gospel of Jesus in the New. Maybe it's a generational dispute because sons always seem to argue with their fathers. Earlier I mentioned Trump's ego, but with this statement about God's purpose I think Rubio is trying to build his own status as a demi-god. Seems he is fighting Trump for the steering wheel of that bus...watch out for the cliff.

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Chris - In one sentence you say you're not talking about Trump, but in the next you're talking abut God. There's a difference?

Yes, one of them has a sense of proportion.

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