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Trump meets his intellectual equal

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For those of you who spend time trolling the internet and using it to form opinions about how our universe operates then perhaps you are familiar with the name Alex Jones.

Jones is America's foremost wacko, and why the likes of Donald Trump would appear on camera with this nut job is beyond me...except it is funny. Jones has said some outrageous things including that alien space lizards are running our world, but that's just a piece of his insanity.

The brief article shows that Trump probably didn't know exactly how insane his host was for this segment, but they do seem to be two peas in a pod. Hey, if Trump gets the GOP nomination then Alex Jones would make a perfect match as a running mate. LMFAO.


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When you talk about Trump and Jones intellectual equals, you have to mention kumquats.

No matter how accurate you should be more careful about your comparisons, James. You might find yourself being pilloried by the Kumquat Lovers of America for denigrating their fruit of choice.

Colin :icon_geek:

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