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Our 51 most commonly misused words and phrases

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I'm not certain if I should ever write anything, ever again. :unsure:

Local usage may well confound some of these misused words, but the list is good to have as a reference.

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"Meretricious" is on the list of the most misused words? I doubt I've seen it used at all in the last decade!

Fortunately, this list provides a nice set of words for story characters who profess slightly greater verbiacal aplomb than they actually possess.

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Thanks to Cole for two good words. They do have excellent alternates that are less obscure but don't have quite the same nuance. For example:

She was the most contumelious and contumacious teenager Cole had ever encountered.


She was the most disrespectful and disobedient teenager Cole had ever encountered.

Colin :icon_geek:

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