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MSN insists I need to load Windows 10

Chris James

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It's always there on the MSN home page: we recommend you load Windows 10, and then states it is free.

I come from that "nothing good is free" school of thought...does anyone have any idea what MSN is going to do to me if I don't load this new system? I have never needed all the bells and whistles that come with an operating system. I use the Windows 8 program that came with this computer. I word process and view selected sites on the internet, all else is useless to me.

They kept trying to get me to load Windows 8.1 in 2015 and out of curiosity I tried to do that once but my strict firewall service would not allow it to load. I know, I could have suspended the protection for the transfer but I did not. I didn't need 8.1 and I probably don't need Windows 10 either. I have read nothing but bad things about this new operating system...am I wrong in thinking this?

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I usually wait a year for Microsoft's unwitting beta testers to get the worst bugs worked of Redmond's latest brain-fart.


The pain and suffering you'll miss out on over security holes and plain old bad code will be your own.

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One rather seriious issue I've seen on several discussion groups is the amount of personal information gathered by MS10. Last I saw, there were at least 13 separate settings you have to change to maintain privacy, and realistically that's the ones publicly acknowledged. Hopefully there will soon be an app that does it for you, so long as the app doesn't collect any info itself!

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I'm running windows 10 on my laptop and I've had no problems so far.

I'm still running 7 on the desktop. Periodically, I have a window pop up reminding me to upload the free app. However, my monitor needs to be updated and I've not been able to find an update from HP for it. I downloaded their updating software and that turned out to be a mistake. After a few seconds, it would cause the computer to freeze up. After a forced shutdown and restart, I had to work fast to go in and remove the offending program.

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Ahh, and now the game is afoot. YouTube tells me I need to update my Internet Explorer, so I tried that. Lo and behold I get the MSN message that Windows 8 will no longer be supported and I need to upgrade to 8.1 before Explorer will update.

Of course there are all these free offers to upgrade my system to Windows 10...but only if I have Windows 8.1. So I stand to lose YouTube any day now they tell me, and all because when I bought this PC I had to accept Windows 8 which they no longer support. Bastards.

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Windows 8.1 is no big deal for an upgrade. But I'd go directly to Windows 10, which seems as stable as Windows 7. If you don't like the 'Metro' mode, versus the desktop mode of Windows 7, then spring $4.99 for a program called Start10 (or Start8 if you stay at Windows 8.1) With the Start10 combination, you will be in fairly familiar territory.

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My neighbour upgraded her win 7 to win 10. She lost her Internet connection as Win 10 reverted her connection to a previous ISP. She had further problems with Windows Office programs not opening properly. For instance, Word doc files were opened in WordPad. Her printer jumbled the format of the page she tried to print. I was able to sort it all out for her except for her Internet connection. Her ISP offered several suggestions, but Win 10 refused to recognise the ISP connection.

Finally, the Isp told us we should reverse the Win 10 upgrade and go back to Win 7. So I did this for her and I'm pleased to say that her computer is happily working in Win 7.

I've seen enough to know that I don't need to upgrade my computer from Win 7 to Win 10.

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I finally did the right thing...I got someone else to fix the mess. Being unable to fight my way out of Win8 I turned to my friendly technical support folks at Avast.

They told me a few horror stories about Win10 but said I should have no real problems...an hour later it was installed and working just fine. The protocol for switching from Win8 to Win10 is not on the Microsoft website and that explains my problems. I don't know where he got it but after a few moments on Quick Connect we were off and running, or I should say loading. Took a while and now I have all this new shite to figure out...sigh.

If this PC craps out I still have the laptop as a backup...and that is running Win7. ‚Äč

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