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From the Cup of the Worthless by Cynus

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"From the Cup of the Worthless" will begin posting soon, but I thought I'd give this new forum a try. :)

It is the story of high school student Nobuyuki Sato, an atypical hero with a troubled past, and the troubles he faces in his new home, Vladivostok, the largest city on the Russian Eastern seaboard. As a member of the Yakuza, Nobuyuki is always on the lookout for a new way to gain an advantage for himself and his Yakuza family. When he meets Viktor Karimov, son of the Chief of Police in Vladivostok, he contrives a new plan for increasing his standing within the ranks of the Yakuza, and to make a powerful friend.

With interference from the Russian Mafia and American-run Italian Mob, has Nobuyuki received more than he bargained for?

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