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I must be getting old...

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Back in the day...well, who am I kidding? Something like this would have sent parents scrambling for the phone number of a psychiatrist, sent teachers running to the principal's office for advice...and all because Jaden Smith walked in the room:


Of course the young man stands to make millions and perhaps that is why he looks so comfortable. Boy in a dress...that seems to be acceptable these days. He does have the body for it and definitely the mindset...I wonder what his security people think?

Well, damn, it's not me and Jaden would never have survived the schoolyard in my day, but more power to him for the courage it takes to do something like this. He needs a new gig since his film career tanked.

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Doesn't do anything for me. But there again, I'm hardly in the target group.

This I feel is more representative:

And the BBC made a film about the book, 'The Boy in a Dress'.


Which I'd rate higher than IMDB do.

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He was poorly advised really, and still is. He should never have made 'The Karate Kid', but Hollywood seems to love remakes as it is a bit short of original ideas. According to IMDB he's not learnt as 'Karate Kid 2' is to be made this year.

It's tough making the transition from cute little kid actor, to teenage actor and adult actor. Many try and most fail. Dean Stockwell is one of the few who made it. First film in 1945 (he was 9) and 203 film and TV credits to date.


edited by Nick who didn't realise the IMDB stats include TV

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