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David Bowie has Died.

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David Bowie, who was very much a gay icon of my youth, has died at the age of 69. There is an initial obit., for him here:


Expect it to expand quickly.

I know a lot of people criticised Bowie on not coming out openly about his sexuality - to be honest I don't think the question of sexuality mattered to him. He was equally at home with either sexual role that he might be cast in at any time. What he did do though was make it acceptable not to have a clear sexual identity. He also gave us some great music.

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David Bowie, another musical icon passes on. Although not a big fan when he became famous in the 1970's, like everyone else I realized his music signaled a change. I suppose everyone was trying to get involved in disco (ugh) at the time and yet it seems Bowie was always on the fringe. He may not have been the most popular singer of our times but his music was always there.

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