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How to Start an Online Petition

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Based on articles in the 12/27/2015 issue of the San Francisco Chronicle:

From Canada: Seems that someone decided to start an online petition to rename Calgary International Airport to Stephen Harper International Airport – Stephen Harper is a former Canadian Prime Minister. Someone else had a better idea: they started an online petition to rename Stephen Harper to Calgary International Airport. Gotta love his new initials! You can sign the petition here.

From France: The busiest domestic airport in France is Orly Airport in Paris. It was shut down in November because of a software glitch. Seems the ATC (Air Traffic Control) system is a bit behind the latest Microsoft Windows updates. The computers that run the Orly ATC run on Windows 3.1, released in 1992. It was replaced with a new version, Windows 95 which was released in 1995. There are rumors that there have been quite a few new version releases since then. French Transport Minister Thierry Mariani says the equipment will be upgraded – by 2017. Isn't that typical! By the way, there are only three people still alive who know how to work on the Orly ATC system, and one is retiring. Monsieur Mariani better treat the other two very, very well. How about a big raise?

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