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Comeuppance by Nigel Gordon


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Another delightful tale from Nigel. In a setting to be found in most towns north of the Severn- Trent line and parts of Auz - the working men's club. Establishments not normally recognised as fertile ground for the kind of stories posted here.

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I also was very impressed with the distinct "voice" that the first-person narrator presented. It was a complex blend of sophistication, jadedness, and mocking while not sounding like a pompous ass or an arrogant snot. And of course his action in the club at the end would certainly redeem any issues about him. Indeed, I suppose if there was one term that might be used to describe him, it would be "problem solver."


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loved it. The Conservative Club in our village was entirely working class Labour. At Xmas, members got 72 free pints, about a weeks worth. In summer they did a coach trip to the seaside, it had to be police cleared because 74 coaches caused gridlock on small country roads. It was the centre of village life

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