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So I decided to take UTH up on his suggestion.

So this is a villanele that i wrote after reading a couple of others by theodore roethke and of other guys. I had read the famous Dylan Thomas piece many years ago, and have played with the form before, but never very successfully.

Luckily, this poem is entirely hypothetical in nature and has nothing to do with the so-called reality of my realtime life. :D

The End of the Affair

Too far, two thousand miles away.

Perhaps it's true that you don't know

What I feel but cannot say.

How can I tell you, what can i say?

Where is the kindness in this cruelest blow?

Pain is the price we both shall pay.

Words on a screen in gentle play

Cannot cover what I am and fear to show--

What i feel but cannot say.

Oh gods, if only I were made another way,

Deeper of heart, and not so shallow:

Pain is the price we both shall pay.

Will it mark you for life, the pain of this day?

Will you hear it in my voice, so halting and slow,

What I feel but cannot say?

A knife to the heart is how I will repay

The joy and love you have given me, and so

For what I feel but cannot say

Pain is the price we both shall pay.

AJ, 09/04

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