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Troye Sivan - Coming Out 2


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I think this series by Troye will be a big hit. I certainly enjoyed his talk. The only thing I noticed that made me grin is that the boy talks so fast. LOL. I suppose it has the advantage of allowing him to get in a lot of information in a much shorter timeframe, but it's hard for someone like me who listens more slowly. LMAO. I had a sister in law from the Boston area and she talked even faster than Troye and I soon learned that I had to have conversations with her in person so I could see her lips moving because it helped immensely, I didn't have to keep asking her to repeat herself. Fortunately Troye isn't that fast a speaker. On the other side of the coin, his speach pattern will force people to really listen to what he's saying for fear that they might miss something.

Anyway, way to go Troye. Looking forward to seeing what else he has to say in his series.

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It's an interesting quirk of regionalism to talk that fast. Growing up and going to school in the Northeast I learned to talk just as fast, embedded as I was in an intensely competitive student setting where if you paused some other speaker would immediately cut you off. Later in life I relocated to Virginia and was repeatedly admonished for failing to slow down. 'Talking like a Yankee' just didn't work in a culture that seemed to me to be caught in a slow time warp. Now I appreciate (and require) that slower pace in order to understand what people are saying.

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