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This shouldn't be news, but I'm glad it is being reported


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Play School segment to feature gay fathers

Play School is a long running TV show for preschoolers. I can remember watching when I was a kid, around 50 years ago. They have a segment called Through The Windows where they show the kids watching something about the world.

In 2004, they had a segment about different types of families, and they included a family with two mums. It caused an uproar in some sectors of the community, including the then Prime Minister.

The article above reports that they're doing a similar segment this year that will include a family with two dads. Somehow, I doubt it will provoke the same level of uproar as the segment 12 years ago did.


The above link is from Australia's left-leaning press. I went looking and found an article on the same subject in Australia's right-leaning press. It says even less than the one above, but interestingly it mentioned comedian Josh Thomas who it appears has recently recorded something for the show. Josh Thomas is openly gay, though that's not mentioned in the article.

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