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155-year-old mousetrap still works

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This is the part I liked best:

"For the moment, however, the mouse remains in the trap while we decide what to do with it," the museum said.

"One option is a dignified burial, another is to desiccate it or have it prepared to remain as a permanent feature of the mouse trap for our new displays."

Needs must.

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If they decide to leave the mouse in the trap, it won't be around for long and will stink the place up.

Where I worked, they use to use those flip traps to live catch mice. You could then place the whole trap in a bucket of water and drown the mouse.

We had one Custodian who took the trap outside to release the mouse. The mouse was back in the building before he was.

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Yes Cole, we had a colony of mice who thought that the cavity in our wall was a bungalow built for their inhabitation.

However, since we gave our latest cat free reign over the house, I am pleased to announce the mice have either emigrated to another housing development or have supplemented the cat's diet. I suspect the latter.

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