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Efrain and Cory by daynemora


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I normally wouldn't read stories that have a bdsm tag, but I first found this at Nifty in the college section first and was hooked. It's being posted at GA now, and the version there is much easier to read than the Nifty one (it doesn't have the 'alternative' chapters that are in the Nifty version).

Efrain and Cory

It's lighthearted and fun, with some hilarious lines. If you want to find out about the "attack twink", you're going to have to read it. It's currently up to chapter 14 (the chapter numbering is different to the version at Nifty) with no end in sight. Indeed, I'm not even sure where the story is headed, but this is a case of the enjoyment being in the journey, not the destination.

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Dayne has just changed the name of the story. That's because the original title (Efrain and Cory) didn't match the way the story was turning out with two couples instead of one. He renamed it to "Wolf Like Me" but he's planning a second book, tentatively called "Wild Card".

Oh, and chapter 19 was posted on the weekend...

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