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Teen Suicide in the News

Chris James

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I don't believe we will ever understand the nature and causes of teen suicide. It seems to happen for so many reasons and to an adult the reasons seem irrational.

What happened the other day at an Arizona high school seems fairly detailed in the following article:


The teenage mind seems to have two settings, on or off the charts​. Is there no understanding that this is the only life we get and that suicide prevents any alterations or corrections? What went on between these two girls, or didn't as the case may be, is not a reason to end life, there is no good reason for that course of action.

The incident begs the question who owned the gun and perhaps in time that will be solved and reported. But now we have two dead teenagers and a whole school is traumatized by their actions, or at least the actions of one of them.

"If you don't love me then I will kill us both" is hardly a Valentine's Day message anyone wants to hear. But since there are lesbian overtones in all of this you can expect some in the media to make a big mess of what should be private family grief. ​I await further revelations.

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