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So yesterday was bissextus.

What? I hear you puzzle:

Is that like liking both sexes

and having a bedroom muddle?

No, you silly, pay attention:

For our world to have its way,

Keeping pace needs a quadrennial addition;

Bissextus is the name of that day.

It has to do with the Julian calendar

And the way things were thought back then.

It has nothing to do with mixed gender

But with adding the leap day and when.

Yet there’s fun to be had being fractious

And befuddling by going on about

How there’s nothing wrong with bissextus

And leaving your friends all in doubt.

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Well, I'm thinking I should be able to have more time now.  My new promotion has offered me quite a bit spare time and I've been writing again.  I had forgotten how exciting it is to sit down and see the words start filling up the screen.   

I think I'm far away from completing anything but I'm moving forward four or five days a week now.  I'm really enjoying it.  

I'll do my best to come on here more.  I really miss being conected to my writing and this site.  


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