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"No Gay Thursday" ???

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Hadn't heard of this one before.

CBS reports three upperclassmen boys (17 years old) raped a freshman boy (14 years old) with a broomstick but it was okay (to them) because it was Thursday.

From the article:

"No Gay Thursday," according to Hogan, meant things that would normally be considered gay were not gay when done by upperclassmen to underclassmen in the locker room, CBS Philadelphia reports.


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Isn't it amazing how these guys always think the intimidation factor and their age and status at school means they can get away with anything? How they think the 'don't rat on anyone' creed will protect them? How they don't worry about being caught? Perhaps that macho ethic is partly responsible for making them good at their sports.

It certainly does nothing for making them good human beings.


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There was nothing in the article about what's been done with the football team members who participated in the hazing. They should have been suspended and sent to a continuation high school pending results of the investigation, and if found that they participated then they should be expelled. That's what would have happened at my high school. There's no excuse for this kind of behavior.

Colin :icon_geek:

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