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Young Voices in Song

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Because I enjoy young voices raised in song, I can't help sharing noteworthy performances. This comes from The Voice Kids, Germany, 2016. This comes from the battle round where the judge has to choose one among the three performers to move on. That being said, it is all about the three singers, so there are no backup vocals. And yet, these three sound like a choir when their voices are raised as one.

Now, there's a lot of preliminary background, but if you skip ahead to the 7 minute mark, you will get to hear just the performance. As a spoiler alert, don't stop at the end of the song because there is an encore demanded by the audience, and it's worth hearing.


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As it happens, Cole, I agree with you completely. The Italian boy had the stronger audition too, in my opinion. Who can figure out the judges. LOL.

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I thought Mateo Markus had the best voice. His lower range was stronger than Mateo's. All three kids were cute, but Mateo Markus had, as Cole said, the boy-idol look. How did they end up with two boys with the same names??

Colin :icon_geek:

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The voice of Generation Z is definitely Troye Sivan. He is on tour this year and if he comes to your town I urge you to go see him. With all the junk music absorbed by the youth of today this young man stands out like a beacon. It seems a gay icon can entertain just about everyone, and perhaps it is because he has such a talented voice.

This rendition of what has to be his most popular song is just stunning in it's simplicity and shows off his voice. I hope you enjoy:

https://youtu.be/8eeewL0yBuU ‚Äč

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Did you notice the cap that appears at 1:14? It reads "Make America Gay Again" which is a cute play contrasting with Trump's "Make America Great Again" caps.

Colin :icon_geek:

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