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Jamie's Gift by Nicholas Hall

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I have been a long term fan of Nicholas's work, first having come across it on other sites. So to date I had already read most of what Nicholas has posted here from other sites. That though did not stop my enjoyment in being able to re-read them here.

Now we have a new posting from Nicholas and this is one that I have not read elsewhere and I am caught up in it from the first chapter. Nicholas has a ability to capture the feel of a place in a few precise words. It is an ability that he uses with great skill in this opening chapter. I am going to enjoy seeing where this story is going. Being one by Nicholas Hall one can be sure it will be going someplace interesting.

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Well, this story has come to an end. I find it strange that I have been the only person to comment on it. I don't think this is one of Nicholas's best stories but it is far from being his worst. It is a good story well told and one i will probably go back and re-read, as I have re-read a lot of Nicholas Hall's work in the past. I enjoyed it, that is really all one can say.

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