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Falling off a Log

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I reread few stories, except when I'm editing them, but the stories of Driver going back over a decade are well worth reading again. They are wonderful coming-of-age and coming-to-maturity tales. They are timeless, very well written, and the characters are memorable.

Driver has shunned publicity after being harassed for writing these stories, but they have been preserved and maintained at the storiesbydrive.net site.

And to start off, I highly recommend Falling off a Log: http://www.storiesbydriver.net/foal.htm

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Ditto from me. Driver was one of the early authors that I fell in love with. I missed all the controversies that happened, but I'm more than pleased with the stories we still have access to.

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I don't know anything about the controversies, but I hope that he knows that today's more accepting and open environment for gay kids is in part due to stories that he wrote and were read — and hopefully are still being read — by gay and straight kids and adults.

Colin :icon_geek:

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I was in daily conversations with him for a few years. A very nice guy that has three kids. I have his work saved and reread it a lot. He gave me something that was never posted on FOAL because it hit too close to home. We would bounce ideas back and forth from me and him.

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I love the 60s-70s wonder years thing that Driver and Freethinker do so well.

If you were there, it's like a glimpse back into the past.

If you weren't, it's the best look you are likely to get.

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