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Farnham Beach...a Chris James story

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​Has it been long enough? I think perhaps it has been a year since I last posted a story, but family issues have occupied my mind and kept me away from the keyboard.

​This story wants you to remember the feel of hot sand between your toes, hear the cries of seagulls wheeling in the sky over your head, and smell the French fries cooking at food vendors along the boardwalk. What boy wouldn't love to spend a summer working at the beach?

Our hero has spent many a summer day at the beach with his family, but now he is there alone searching for an answer to the biggest question in his life...am I gay? In real life that answer doesn't come easy...thank goodness for fiction.

​I recall my youthful days at the beach staring at the scenery from behind a pair of sunglasses. Now it's your turn to see if this story brings back any fond memories or just inspires new ones...either way you win.

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