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I have dutifully done a search, but it appears Excelsior by David Clarke doesn't have a thread. Bit odd but there you go...

Anyway, my reason for drawing attention to it is use of a made up word which both describes the article a treat, and fits the idea of a parallel universe a treat. I'll not say what the common word is, as the story makes the meaning clear, and I'll just say, the word is 'jumpshade'. So you'll have to read the story if you don't know what it is.

For some curious reason, the word came to me a couple of days ago, but it's taken me until now to work out where I saw it.

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Nick, I am surprised you have not found a thread for Excelsior as I clearly remember posting to it. Suspect it is one of those threads that got lost in the move between servers. It is a great story and one that I really enjoyed. Jumpshade is exactly what it describes but does not make sense until you read it in context then it is clear.

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