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The Mail Crew

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A reader has just informed me that the link to the Mail Crew website in my stories isn't working. I've just checked and it looks like their domain license had expired :( The website is no longer there.

I lost contact with the guys while I was on my writing hiatus so I don't know how to find out what's going on. Does anyone have an update? I presume they've all finished school and are working now.

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I sadly had to hide the links to The Mail Crew on Codey's World. I checked all of the other links we have and found the following, which are now also hidden:

1. Penguin Huggle and the Penguin Huggle Memorial Hall; the sites are there but on a dark background with no links nor any text; they've gone silent. The last time I checked it (at least 6 months ago) the forum and story list were still active.

2. Orbital-One; the site is there but the one link (home) doesn't link to anywhere. Orbital-One went silent quite a long time ago, but I have been hoping that it would be resuscitated. I guess that's not going to happen.

There are author's pages on CW that also have links to some of these websites, and undoubtedly other similar "former" websites. I am not going to change those links; that way someone looking for one of those websites on an author's page will discover that they are gone or have gone silent. However, if any CW authors want dead or silent (or any other) links on their author's page removed, let me know by email.

Colin :icon_geek:

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