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Gene Wilder dies at 83

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​I doubt if there is anyone here who doesn't know the name. A comedic genius, a crazy man who made us think before we laughed. Teamed up with some of the greatest comedy actors and writers America had to offer, Gene could steal a scene just by standing in it.

Mel Brooks is the last of that breed​ we all enjoyed in those over the top comedies. Gene will be missed and I hope a new generation will seek out his work, if only for a laugh.

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Wilder was indeed an over-the-top comic, but never at the expense of his fellow actors. His genius was getting us to laugh at the crazy situations (and people in them) for the sheer fun of it all. We are fortunate that so much of his work will live for years to come.

For what he gave us all, what more can I say but, "Vy thenk you, Doctor!"

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I still laugh throughout Young Frankenstein -- particularly "Put . . . the candle . . . back."

I'd forgotten that one! It's the first phrase a couple of us learned in Russian - roughly, "posTAHvit svYEHchoo ohBRATno" Thanks for the walk back through time! :icon1:

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Three of the movies he made with Richard Prior—Hear no Evil, See No Evil; Silver Streak; and Blazing Saddles—are among the funnies movies ever made. I don't think calling him a genius stretches the meaning of the word a bit.


Actually that was Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles. Richard Pryor is listed as one of the writers.

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In a few threads down, we celebrated The Boys in the Band. Another film that came out around the same time that had a not so subtle gay subtext was Mel Brook's The Producers. One of the great comedies of all time staring Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel.

No one says it in so many words but it is a story about a relationship between an older man, “Zero” the impresario and the younger wallflower of an account Gene Wilder. No sex, but it depicts the best sort of Socratic relationship even if they were both criminals.

The short clip below is so worth watching. Gene Wilder's red faced tantrum that made him famous.


The film “The Producers” finally got recognition and has been made into a Broadway play and a re-make also with Nathan Lane and Mathew Broderick. All due respect the these two wonderful actors, the re-make cannot surpass the original.

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