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Before the ambulance arrived



We went to a call for a woman in labor at an apartment complex. We were met by a four year old at the bottom of the stairs to a second story apartment. Silently, he led us through the open door of an apartment that was unfurnished except for a king size bed in the master bedroom. We asked the police officer who trailed us to watch the boy.

In the middle of the bed was a young woman of remarkable composure given the circumstances. She was pushing, and I asked her to try to stop until we were ready. She was ready if we weren’t. We learned that the family was just moving from out of state and that her husband was on the way with a moving van full of furniture.

I went to one side of the bed and Huffer went to the other. I put a knee on the mattress to get closer to her and promptly sank to the bottom of the bed frame as the center of the bed was thrust upward carrying the woman atop it. A moment later, Huffer kneeled on the other side and I was carried up on a wave as he bottomed and the woman came back down. My first experience with a waterbed. Finally, we gently eased her to the foot of the bed in time to make the catch.

The delivery of the little brother was, as most are, uncomplicated and joyous, and everybody did well except for a bit of seasickness.


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