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(35) My new story



My latest story "Definitions" has just been posted at Codey's World.

Definitions -my new story

I hope you all enjoy reading it.

Sometimes we forget how much effort and time goes into getting a story not only written, but also the people behind the scenes who edit and publish our stories for us wretched authors.

I would like to thank Codey and Ben for their help and inspiration for this story.

After you have read "Definitions" drop into the CW's homepage and have a look at all the other new stories and poems as well.

Don't forget too, The AwesomeDude has wonderful stories and forums.

We are so lucky to have these sites. Drop in and say "Hi", Let the author's and the site owners know you are enjoying the toils of their slaving. (Some of us even like positive criticism.)

Most of us will reply with a big thank you. :hehe:

Okay I will stop there before I get emotional and start getting teary-eyed.



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