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(36) Keeping calm after the storm.



So we had a storm. First, the wind blew out the pilot light on the water heater.

Then the wind blew the side fence over at an angle of 30 degrees leaning into the street; its jagged edges just waiting to decapitate the early morning joggers. The gutter is conveniently placed nearby to catch their heads.

I had to get the care serviced. I get it serviced every year whether it needs it or not. This year it only cost $210. I think the mechanic was pleased that I warned him to put a plastic sheet on the car seat to protect his overalls.

The side wing of my glasses fell off, but the wasn't caused by the storm.

The good news is that the glasses will be fixed under warranty.

The fence repairer wants $ 40 a metre to fix it. (10 x 40 = $400).

Where am I am going to find $400?

Mature age men don't usually make that much money in a month, no matter what talents they may have.

So I find the local Tool hire shop and guess what? They have a post hole digger for $80 a day.

I'll need 9 posts and 3 bags of cement. Oh goody I can do it myself and save $200.

The supermarket has stopped making fresh donuts. What will we have for breakfast now?

I'm exhausted just thinking about it all...I'm going to have a rest.

At least the wind has stopped.



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I'm sorry about your fence. If it is any consolation, I had something similar one time, and just got rid of the fence. Nice open lawn, and no annual maintenance of the fence.We had a storm 2 years ago. It was wicked, and tore the shingles off the roof of the shed. The insurance said to get an estimate from 3 roofers. Each said it was about $1500. The insurance company said, "no way" and hired another roofing company to give an estimate. This company came up with $315. Our deductible was $300. So, we would have to pay $300 ourselves, and the insurance would pay $15. The only catch: no roofing company would do it for $315, as it was a $1500 job. We got the name of the roofer who had quoted that amount to the insurance company, and they refused to do the job, saying that no reputable roofer would do that kind of job for $315. We asked them, "What the hell did you quote that amount for then?" "Well, we can cover the roof with tar paper for that, but it won't last in even a 10 km/h wind." Bastards. We finally ended up buying our own roofing tiles, and me, my sister, her kids, and some friends roofed the whole thing for $325, but properly, the equivalent of $1500 quality.In this area, we have several organizations which will help seniors and the working poor with free labor and 'at cost' materials if they request it. You may have something similar in your area. Check with your local volunteer centre. There usually is one around. If you can't find it, check with the local 'thrift shop', they should know.

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I had to get the care serviced.
Your care was broken? You just didn't care anymore? That's so very sad....Storms suck. As I live in a hurricane zone, don't even TALK to me about storms. After the last storm, my outdoor jacuzzi was gone. It was big, weighed 500#. Just gone. Never found it. Just a few pipes sticking out of the ground. And the cover.
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Trab, thanks for your thoughts. I seem to be in a no man's land of not old enough to get community help and too old to get paid employment. I think we will fix the fence ourselves. Of course we will have to do it at midnight when we are both home. :wave: That should be fun!My insurance doesn't cover the repairs at all because the storm didn't cause the fence to fall over, they said.The posts had rotted in the ground and broke off because they were not up to "storm protection specification." Insurance companies, have a way out of everything. Wibby, I can assure that was a typo. I do care, my care is not broken, 'twas the car that needed servicing. You will be pleased to know the mechanic cared and serviced the car with care. He also cared that we paid him. I cared so much that I lusted after his hot sweaty grease stained body, so my care is definitely working.Your jacuzzi got airlifted to another dimension? Whoa! Now that was a storm. Of course it may have been stolen by aliens and the mother-ship now has a very nice jacuzzi on board. Just goes to show there is always someone worse off than yourself. If I find a jacuzzi in the back yard I will know it is yours.Thanks for your commiserations and suggestions guys. It all helps. :lol:

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Hmm. Surely some strong, enterprising, young guys can be found who'd put in the fence. Digging post holes... OK, I really need to exercise.So... Wibby, I think it was Wookiees who stole your jacuzzi. They didn't notice the extra fur. It wouldn't have been those little hairless dudes with the big, giant heads. ...And didja ever notice, nobody ever wonders about the kinky alien nudists in those stories? I still say it's joyriding alien teens. What all that probing has to do with it, I don't want to think about too closely. That's a heck of a way to do a handshake, no?I should probably wave the "moderator's wand" on myself after that. Eh....

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