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(42) Exhausted



I'm exhausted!

The new computer is up and running...on Windows XP.

I still have a number of programs to install and the hard drives need to be configured to my

weird standards of operation.

I must tell you of a program I happened across that I bought because I really like it.

It is called "Priority Master 7". Basically it allows you to set priorities for the running of programs in relation to CPU usage. At least that is what I think it does.

Left in auto mode the program boosts the current app and decreases others to idle mode.

The overall effect is to make the computer more responsive, saving time and frustration.

You can see the program at


A friend of mine who was disappointed with his computer has tried it too, and he is now happy.

I have loads of work to catch up on so I will still won't be around as much as I want, but I hope to be back annoying you all soon. I have a few unfinished poems that are aching to be completed.



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