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So about two days ago, my manager asked me if I could come in and take care of the floor displays, make them look all pretty and stuff. Of course, before I said anything I thought to myself 'do I have anything exciting to do New Year's Day?', and the answer was naturally 'no'. Well, I didn't count in the possibility of being exhausted from working 10 days in a row.

This morning I woke up with a giant uvula. I don't know why or how this happened. My best guess is that I slept with my mouth open and either got infected or it's just swollen up. *sigh* It's very uncomfortable, as I find myself gagging half of the times I swallow. I didn't even know what that little dangling appendage was called before googling it. I've just always called it 'la campanita' ('the little bell').

So, I called in and my manager was like 'there's nobody else covering the floor but you, insertname'. I felt so bad. But I really don't feel like going to work and vomiting on the floor. That would be shameful. I even called main register to let them know, and I believe they've arranged so one of their people goes over to my section *sigh*.

New Year's was nearly uneventful. I watched 4 movies, and cooked for myself and my dear roommate all day haha. That's what I do when I have free time and I don't feel like writing :P. But then we went to Mill Avenue (the most overcrowded street in the entire state of AZ) and had tons of fun going to the bars (though I hate to drink, but we met some friends and it was fun nonetheless).

My next important holiday will be 4/20. No, I don't celebrate it 'that way'. It's my b-day. I have a couple of friends who would literally kill for my birthday. Though I'm trying to change that O:.

My new year resolutions are:

To have amazing abs have a better [a bit more muscular] body by the end of this year

To get a much less boring job

To get straight A's in school

To join at least one GLBT organization at school

To write at least 50 more poems

To read at least 10 books [especially a certain Ayn Rand classic that's been calling to me since last year]

To learn to trust the right people (slip ups allowed)

Maddy (:

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