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  1. R.J.

    Blink of an Eye

    Missed you, Cole, and all your advice :) and thanks! RJ
  2. R.J.

    Blink of an Eye

    It, being a good thing, is probably debatable haha! Hi, Jason. I miss this place. RJ
  3. R.J.

    Blink of an Eye

    Six years. That's how long it's been since I last blogged something. And how do I still know my password? Because it's my real name. I think I changed it to that two years ago, so I won't forget. Six years. And it seems like it's only yesterday. Six years. Though it hardly seems like a blink of an eye. Six years. And I'm still alive. Well, would you look at that.
  4. Maybe all I need is a shot in the arm, something in my veins bloodier than blood.

  5. I have had enough of the elitism.

  6. Something's kicking!

  7. R.J.

    A Good Place

    It's a been a while - three years! - since I last logged in, and I haven't written much since then too. The biggest reason was that back then my computer crashed. I never thought it would which was why I never had any backups. The whole time, I was like "what about this story" and "what about that story". But I'm past the crushed phase now. So. Moral is, save backups of your works. I found the drive to start writing again, even though I'm busier this time around. I have always wanted to write anyway. It's just that some circumstances inspire you and some don't. Of course, every now and then,
  8. Ele, believe it or not, you're the first guy I've seen with pins on his skull cap. Looks really cool!And hey, you're almost a "real" teacher, Teach!Rad :)
  9. hehehe... like I said, color adjustment.
  10. Hehehe... maybe a little bit of color adjustment.
  11. I'm curious though of what the blogs should look like because they look okay to me. :)
  12. R.J.


    And that's my point... We grew up different from each other - different tastes in music, movies, etc., but we didn't gravitate towards those with similar interests. These interests, from my point of view, became secondary stuff to us.We watch movies we don't like for a friend. We listen to music we think is crap for a friend... I don't know how this happened. This guy couldn't play basketball, but we still force him to play with us and it's alright with him. And the best thing about this is that you get to talk trash about their music, movies, interests, etc., and it's OK, as long as you don't
  13. R.J.


    You crack me up, Des. Every time. :lol:I wasn't just talking about stories from Nifty though. All high school stories I've read so far, even movies I saw -- though I could be just having some memory gaps -- have these cliques. So like I said above, I started to believe them. My question on whether anyone would believe a story without these cliques is actually more of me wondering about it. I wish I have a plot in mind for a story though, but most of the stories in my head seem to stay away from school. That's right. Remind me of a childhood fantasy.
  14. R.J.


    So far, most of the time I've spent online was spent reading. As I had been a teenager -- fourteen -- when I first found Nifty, I mostly stuck with the high school and young friends section. That mostly changed now of course. I've made some observations from the stories I read, and I found that almost all of them -- most being American, Canadian, British, and the rare Australian -- are very consistent in what they tell of their reality that I have come to believe them. Of course, maybe they're all exaggerations. The most consistent "fact" is the high school cliques -- jocks, cheerleaders, pr
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