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60. My New Avatar -and why.



Sometimes we just get carried away with a story or other kind of work, that makes us so pleased we lived long enough to read it or see it or hear it.

So in a fit of rampant abandonment of all restraint I have taken down my treasured Avatar that means a great deal to me personally.

My new avatar is probably a better description of me anyway. I certainly feel related to him.

Anyway I would like to announce that I will now use my EnthMan symbol (my old avatar) as symbol of my appreciation of work that for me exemplifies quality and excellence in its field of artistic endeavour, including literature, visual and audio arts and anything else I feel like presenting it to.

Why not make a symbol too and present it to people who have provided you with the pleasure of their talents.

No No do not send sticky stamps of your symbol to your favourite film star,

That is not what I mean.


I am pleased to announce the first recipients are Cole Parker for Duck Duck Goose.

Codey for From the Heart

And Camy/Codey for the song Broken Heart.

Please remember folks this is just me recognising my favourite meaningful works.


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