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In Absence of Reason

Jason Rimbaud


In Absence of Reason


Maybe we should get away

Maybe we should cross these tracks

Maybe we should leave and never look back

There is a car we drive that?s stuck in second gear

Despite ambitious plans we can never get away from here

We waste our time and get no where

We end up lost and we don?t really care

There is a thought we have that?s never acted on

We want to save the world and then the thought is gone

We get so far but quit too soon

We end up drunk howling at the moon

We?re wasting our precious time and praying in vain

And making the same mistakes again and again and again

Maybe we should get away

Maybe we should cross these tracks

Maybe we should leave and never look back


Marcus doesn?t understand anything about this world

He?s wasted most of childhood trying to be a man he lost to a boy

He wanted to be all grown up in everything he did

Now he waste?s his adulthood wishing he was still a kid

Marcus likes to laugh a lot so everyone around him knows he?s having fun

He?s fashionably late for dates and likes to keep his boyfriends on the run

He likes to be the center of attention

He loves it when you stop and stare

He says he?s suffering from beauty and bad karma

He loves to hate the fact that his life is just one long drama

He?ll never be satisfied no matter how hard he tries

He?ll never be satisfied till the day he dies


Mother?s little genius is different from the other boys and girls

She makes him stay home where he plays all alone in his closeted genius way

And after so many years of seclusion being twisted and doted upon

He started to feel like this world wasn?t real that he might be the chosen one

Mother?s little genius is a self-serving son of a bitch

Who?s emotionally bankrupt and addicted to Playboy

And in love with himself and his satellite dish

Mother?s little genius believed every word mother said

A whole lot of praise through each genius phase has engraved itself inside his head

And after so many years of umbilical chord he?s finally gonna be free

But it looks like he?s losing because the worlds not the way mother promised it would be


My neighbor didn?t want to pay his taxes

So he had to go away against his will

Now he?s staying in the upstate penitentiary

And a tax man sending you and I the bill

Don?t you think it?s kind of crazy could someone possibly explain

My cousin doesn?t vote because he doesn?t want to

He says the world is too wicked and unfair

So he sits at home conspiring against the government

Embittered because they don?t know that he?s there

He?s got paranoid delusions he thinks he?s under too much strain

I believe that in the end

It?s up to you and me my friend

So we should all start thinking twice

Why virtue never tempts us quite like vice

The more we live the less we learn

Don?t you think that it?s a shame

It seems to me that throughout history

The more we change the more we stay the same


I stood there in the open air at a quarter after three am

Staring at the stars that chart the sky

And right then it occurred to me beneath the deep blue canopy

There?s more to all of this than meets the eye

As I stood there in the night my eyes adjusted to the light

I started seeing things a little clearer

And while the silence sung to me in close nocturnal harmony

The stars seemed to come a little nearer

There are things we?ll never know there are answers all around us

I can see it in the sun I can feel it in the earth

And I can breathe it in the air

I can sense it in the sky I can taste it when it rains

I can feel it everywhere


Not that hard to understand the way that some things work

We know that we can?t always have our way

So I think I?m gonna stick around and see if anything turns up

And I?ll pay the consequences come what may

I guess the works okay at least it pays the bills

But it?s not exactly what I had in mind

I really like to make a move but I?m scared by the uncertainty

Maybe I?m afraid of what I?ll find

So I?ll make the most of what I?ve got the cards I have to play

But I wish that I could find the nerve to somehow breakaway

Am I ever gonna change should I leave or should I stay

Am I making up my mind or just wasting away

But how I?m gonna run if my legs won?t carry me

And how I?m gonna fly if my wings won?t work

And how I?m gonna find?how I?m gonna find

Some kind of deliverance


And this time you?ve got me hook line and sinker

You?ve got me real good and you?re really something

I will work all day and then I?ll drive all night

And give you everything I?ve got and make it all alright

And up stands the reason that I come running

Wide-eyed and reckless you?re my undoing

I?ll tear open my shirt and hold your head against my chest

And you can listen to my heart beating harder than the rest

You can crush me if you wanted too

You could wreck me and run me off the rails

You can crush me if you wanted too

But I?ll keep coming back when all light fades


The big blue sky and the brand new day

Has got me laughing out loud as the radio plays

Coming to pick you up and I?m gonna take you away

We?re gonna be two kings for just one day

And I?m gonna love you like lighting

And I?m gonna love you like thunder

And I?m gonna love you like a riptide

Pulling you under

I?m gonna buy you new shoes with what?s left of my money

And I?m gonna tell you bad jokes and I?m gonna call you honey

I?m gonna bare my soul and I?m gonna make you laugh

I?m gonna show you my scars and my passport photograph

And when the day is over

We?re gonna climb upon the hill

We?re gonna try and spy Orion

While the town below turns on its lights

And our hearts stand still

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I guess its time to get away despite what friends and family say

We can?t stay here another day my darling

I?ve canceled the utilities the landlord says he?s not to please

He?s coming ?round to collect the keys in the morning

I forwarded the mail my motorcycles up for sale

Its time for us to hit the trail and get away

We?ve got the car all packed I can safely say we won?t be back

I?m as serious as a heart attack this time around

Because nothing ever changes here it stays the same from year to year

Most folk live and die in fear of things that don?t exist

It?s just the same old yeah yeah yeah

The more we hang around the less we seem to care

I?m sick of myself and I?m sick of this town

And I?m sick of feeling like I?m on a ship that?s going down

What?s the point of waiting if there?s nothing worth waiting for

If you never push the boat out boy you?ll never leave the shore

So Long Gone

He sits back and puts his feet up on the dashboard

And tries to get as comfy as he can

And he writes our name on the condensated window

Then quickly wipes it away with the back of his hand

He sighs as if he?s gonna speak

Like maybe something?s on his mind

Maybe its what lies ahead

Or maybe its what?s left behind

So I wind down the window and let the air rush in

It?s easy to be sleepy when you drive all night

I rub my eyes and search for something on the radio

And I realize we?re not moving out but letting go

So as we slowly disappear into the distance

Another day away from no-wheres-ville

Anything is better than stranded here in no mans land

Like a demon reaching down suck you in like sinking sand

And we?re so long gone and we?re so glad

That we?re so long gone and we can hardly wait

Never coming back

Never coming back


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