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  1. So I had plans. Much like every other person on the planet, I had plans for my future. It involved moving out of San Francisco and going someplace where “N” and I could buy a house and maybe start a family. And much like every other person on the planet, March 16th, 2020 happened and the whole world went absolutely bat-shit crazy. As of this current writing, it is October 12th, 2020 and I have been married for one year and two months with the most amazing person on this bat-shit crazy planet. (truthfully, when I first started writing this entry, it was my one year anniversary but things g
  2. I haven’t mentioned my husband? That’s weird...oh well. I’m married. It’s been one year June 22nd and I couldn’t be happier. j
  3. So earlier this year, I started a show called Watchmen on HBO. I was actually a huge fan of the movie when it came out in 2009, and was really excited to see what HBO was going to do with that property. And I was really excited to find out that it wasn’t going to be a remake of the movie but more of a continuation of that story in the same universe. From the opening scenes I was hooked and after I watched the last episode, I wanted to find out who created it. And that’s when I was introduced to Damon Lindelof. And as I have nothing else going on I did a deep dive back into his credits to
  4. I've always loved him ever since I saw him in the Movie Frailty, one of the most underrated films from the great Bill Paxton, star and director. It was from this movie that I discovered the amazing music that Levi Kreis makes. J
  5. I have duel opinions about The Acquittal and its sequel, The Spaces Between Us. It is rather fast paced, and has some endearing characters with a plot that mostly kept my attention, at least in the first story. But on the other hand, its filled with overused tropes that does get a bit old rather quickly for me. I won't get into them as it would definitely be spoilers, though I bet most of you would see them coming a mile away. Its also partially set in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, my home town. But if you're from there, you know the author has never been there but that's not important. My ma
  6. Nice short movie without any of the usual trappings of coming of age tales, I think we can all relate. At least I can. Sadly the link won't work due to copyright I'm assuming. And I can't delete the post so sorry. J
  7. that is something I have done a bunch of ttimes...I'll let you decide the reasons why J
  8. This is a great take on the same prompt that inspired me. But unlike Trab, I liked the original ending. Life sometimes ends on a down note, and I think it’s more poignant how you originally wrote it. great writers take unexpected twists that are bold and unpredictable. It’s powerful imagery that ends, such was the life that tried to help a human. I loved it. Jason.
  9. You are way too kind. I wasn't sure if it was any good, i've never tried to write something so short and twisted. Merkin danger? And Camy, I'm Howling Rimbaud? I love it. Thanks to everyone for the kind words. Its nice to have my feet wet again with a story. Jason
  10. I do wish I had half the imagination James shows in all his writing. Great tale. Jason
  11. Not sure where the story is, I sent it in but I guess it was too late to be included in the Halloween posting. And since I haven't posted a new story in years, I don't know if they will make the next round of story posts and I should just wait my turn, or if it will never be posted. But I'll wait for a few days/weeks, and if nothing happens I'll probably post it in my blog if nothing else. I'm not usually a charitable person, truthfully, so it always blows my mind when people do. I'm not that good a person I guess. Cole, you are the more creative one between us, saying that to
  12. why would anyone try to have fun with clothes on...must be a British thing. J
  13. So I went to a place to buy contacts, I won't tell you the name but it rhymes with BenRafters. After ringing in my 3 month supply of contacts, the lady said pleasantly, please look on the screen and make sure everything is correct, then please press a button to accept the payment. So far, pretty standard practices. But this is when they get sneaky. Because on the screen isn't a list of the items I purchased. Instead, on a white screen, with green boxes, and inside the boxes are bold black letters that says, $5, $10, $15, $20. Across the top is a banner that says something about donating money
  14. (but not nearly as long as Jason's) My dear Emu, what are you referring too? What isn't nearly as long as mine? Hm Jason ®️
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