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  1. I didn't make it past the first three paragraphs. Definitely not the story for me.... J
  2. I have just discovered this story because of this thread. I made myself a promise that I would read every new post made here at AD, and try at least one story recommendation a week. And I have just finished all twelve chapters of this featured story. The comments made by other members intrigued me, especially regarding this unique ending to this tale. So I decided to jump in and see what the fuss was about. I must admit, that after three chapters, I was struggling to continue. The narrative is filled with angst for angst sakes and made up drama that I don't believe anyone would truly behave in that manner. The upside to this little tale, the chapters are very short so knocking it out in an hour is easy. But I can't seem to think of a reason to continue the story after the first chapter. The main character is neurotic to a point that makes the narrative flip between lust and then some esoteric notion sometimes in the same sentence. The secondary characters aren't realized as complete characters either, simply a vessel for the thin plot to develop. This seems like a writing exercise more than a completely thought out premise. I believe I understand what the author was trying to convey, but maintaining a spoiler free comment, I will just say the author failed to make it intriguing. Plus the ending was less than a wrap up of ideas or themes and more like the author said, "I'm done with this exercise and its time to move on now." This tale was not for me, and it wasn't written for me so kudos to the author for completing the story. He's done more than I have in the last ten or so years so what do I know. J
  3. Two years ago I was about finished with a post apocalyptic story centered around a dam in oregan. And my USB drive fell out of my bag and was run over. It was heartbreaking. It had all my stories, ides, unfinished product. Nothing was backed up. I have tried recreating what I lost but I couldn’t so I shelved that story and moved on. since I have been writing something new in between a very busy life. I have 86 pages written, about 33k words. This one is set in Florida keys. So Cole, I’m writing again. Consider me off my duff. J
  4. Jason Rimbaud

    What to Say

    Sometimes look back at my old stuff and cringe, what a mess I was. But then I'm still a mess now. Just a different type of mess. Anyway, is a bit quieter than it was before but I only recently came back myself. I dipped my toe in once in a while but life has been crazy but in a sane way so there is not much to talk about. J
  5. Truth…I very rarely read anything about teenagers…or watch shows about teenagers…to quote MCR…teenagers scare the living shit out of me… J (the unhelpful one)
  6. Look who’s back…we missed you. as for rewriting old stories, do what you want. Alfred Hitchcock made the same movie three times I think before he got it right for his head. J
  7. Hiya JK, it’s an interesting piece of prose, much like a stream of consciousness. I enjoyed Matthews POV better, Jeff’s seemed redundant as we already got the sentiment earlier on in the piece. The safe sex thing doesn’t bother me either because it’s your choice as the author to tell a story anyway you wish. and though I would never disagree with the emu publicly, let’s say I’ve been in matthew’s shoes and didn’t need lube to enjoy myself. as for difficulty in relaying Jeff’s feeling/emotions/thoughts, dialogue between the two could fix that rather easily. With a few edits in tone and structure, you could really bring in more emotion, having the characters emote through conversation can be helpful to convey feelings without the flowery imagery. But it’s all about what the desired affect you were intending. As it is now, documenting a moment in time so to speak, I think it works as a stand alone piece. I don’t see a need to continue the narrative nor a desire to continue reading unless it shifted in structure and style. im interested in seeing more of your work, as the two of you have a voice and the understanding of imagery. my thoughts, before I got distracted by fuzzy bunny slippers, J
  8. So I had to look up that particular dessert…Camy is not wrong
  9. Don't let the emu scare you...he's harmless, he doesn't have any teeth. J PS: That's not saying he's old and has lost his teeth...but he's an emu...oh never mind.
  10. It is also my birthday...coincidence...I think not J
  11. That sounds like something I'd say.... J
  12. Thats really bad Bruin...truly bad J
  13. Unlike James, I demand one before any dinner or a movie. J
  14. I do remember that almost naked Tarzan...always knew it would warp me... J
  15. And if you don't like Camy's definition, I have one you can pay for. J
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