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  1. Don't let the emu scare you...he's harmless, he doesn't have any teeth. J PS: That's not saying he's old and has lost his teeth...but he's an emu...oh never mind.
  2. It is also my birthday...coincidence...I think not J
  3. That sounds like something I'd say.... J
  4. Thats really bad Bruin...truly bad J
  5. Unlike James, I demand one before any dinner or a movie. J
  6. I do remember that almost naked Tarzan...always knew it would warp me... J
  7. And if you don't like Camy's definition, I have one you can pay for. J
  8. Seeing that I am currently studying World War 2 as told through Japanese history and point of view, I am loving this. If anyone listens to Podcasts, Hardcore History is one of my favorites with Dan Carlin. Very nice. J
  9. I can't stand to read pieces like this yet I can't help myself. All too tragic and heartbreaking. Especially knowing that if the powers that be wouldn't have labeled it as the gay disease, we might have saved thousands. Written well, imagery is vivid, and tragically all to real. J
  10. I have done similar things in my past...except I never had sex with any of them. There was this homeless kid that I would occasionally allow to crash at my apartment, take a shower, wash his clothes, have some food. Though he was upfront and more than willing to "pay" for his visits, I never took him up on the offer. those were more interested times for this weirdo J
  11. I am going to get political...gingers are hot! And seeing as I married an Indian born in Malaysia, I tend to think brown is a beautiful color as well. But then I think all colors are beautiful...except blue and red. Not beautiful colors at all. (my political statement) J
  12. I don't really have much hope for us...not at all J
  13. So many friends in the early nineties disappeared so fast. To this day, the young people that work for me ask me what it was like back then, and sometimes I can't say anything but frightful. Unless you lived through it, much like what I imagine war would be like, you can't make someone else understand. Tragic in so many ways. J
  14. It was summer, June 2000, when Greg and Mark first met on Lake Walton. Each summer after that, they would join their families for a summer vacation before parting ways for another year. It was summer, June 2000, Greg and Mark were five years old. June, 2000 "What are you doing Greg?" "Nothing, just go back to sleep, sorry." "If you keep snuggling me, I'm not going to sleep over here anymore." June 2005 "Greg...what are you doing?" "Nothing." "It sure doesn't feel like nothing." "Just go back to sleep, Mark." "If you keep rubbing up against me, I'm not going to come back here next year." June 2010 "Damn it, Greg." "What now?" "If you keep dry humping me when I'm asleep, I'm not coming back here again." June 2012 "Jesus Christ, Greg." "Yes." "If you don't stop doing that with your mouth under the covers, I'm not coming back here again." June 2015 "Oh Jesus, Greg!" "You like that?" "If you ever stop attacking me in my sleep, then I'll never come back here ever again."
  15. So I had plans. Much like every other person on the planet, I had plans for my future. It involved moving out of San Francisco and going someplace where “N” and I could buy a house and maybe start a family. And much like every other person on the planet, March 16th, 2020 happened and the whole world went absolutely bat-shit crazy. As of this current writing, it is October 12th, 2020 and I have been married for one year and two months with the most amazing person on this bat-shit crazy planet. (truthfully, when I first started writing this entry, it was my one year anniversary but things got away from me as it often does when you always get distracted by bright shiny objects) Over the course of my life, I have made some mind-numbing stupid decisions. I have more sophomoric mistakes and regrets than any one person should have to endure while still maintaining the fiction that he is somewhat intelligent. But if you look back at the entries of just this Blog, you will find the most asinine circumstances one could find them in. Granted, all of them avoidable if I had even an ounce of intelligence but I digress. For those of you that have not had the pleasure of meeting “N”, he is perfect in every single way…and yet he is also the most flawed human being that means the world to me. He is irritating while somehow making me laugh at the most inopportune times. He’s serious to a fault, not understanding irony in the slightest way, and often leaves me scratching my head in amazement/confusion. He is also the most loving person I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my bed with. I have never been so much in love while suppressing urges to strangle him at the same time. Like someone famous once said, Context is King, I’ll relay a little story to demonstrate how his mind works. Two days/weeks/months ago, I was at work while he was enjoying a day off, I sent him a text, “What are you doing?” (And for full disclosure, I don’t use abbreviations when texting…ever) His response, “Studying.” So I texted, “Are you naked?” After a few moments/minutes/hours/days of staring at the three black dots, he finally responds, “Why would I be naked, its cold outside”. Have I mentioned he doesn’t know how to flirt? And lying is not in his nature, so I’m stuck with an Indian Spock. (very logical at all times) My plans to move from a city that I’ve grown to hate for more reasons than I could relay to you, is on hold indefinitely. Why you might ask? Mainly because “N” has decided to change careers after being in the restaurant industry his entire life. And while we reside in San Francisco, he can take classes for free. By the way, is it any wonder that this very serious individual wants to become a CPA. So my amazing husband is working full time and going to school, virtually, full time. And I’m stuck in a job I no longer like but after all it is for our future so I soldier on. I’ve told “N” I love him a thousand times a thousand times. And yet, when I first saw him in his Sherwani, traditional wedding attire, I immediately started to cry. He came out of the door where he had been sequestered and I swear, my heart skipped a beat. The song was playing and everyone in the space was staring at us, our eyes connected, and in that moment, I understood what unconditional love looked like, what it felt like, and what it meant fully realized for the rest of my life. No matter how many years we will get together, I know I will always look back on that single moment and wonder in amazement, how the hell I became so lucky to have him in my life. So yes, the world is a bit bat-shit crazy right now, and yes I might be living in a city I no longer hold dear, but I get to be with him, and that makes life perfect.
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