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Winter Complaints.



I sneezed.

So I have been sniffling with an inflamed throat, and headache. I don't think it is swine flu or bird flew, but who knows? I'm not going to the doctor either, because if it is swine flu and he catches it from me then who will I consult if I get the Elbo virus?

Hmmm wait a minute, that's the Ebola virus. Silly me, my elbow can't get a virus can it? Can it?

The worst thing about a cold, I'm sure that's all I have, is sitting around waiting until you to feel better so you can then go and feel the bf.

I suppose I could go and feel someone under 30 and if they start sneezing and die I will know that I have the swine flu.

I know you can sit and watch TV until you feel better but it just makes me feel worse.

I'd rather sit and read the stories at AD if I could stop sneezing all over the keyboard. Damn if the bf sees the nasal purge all over the keyboard, he will think I started without him. Well not so much started as finished I suppose I should say.

kmfghoaslrvzb btt GSGJ,.IODXSxnne454642m-kp

There, I have cleaned the nose spray off the keyboard. It looks so much better. The keyboard, not my nose.

I just wrapped the keyboard in plastic cling wrap. That should solve the problems.

Damn I just sneezed all over the monitor screen.

I'm going to bed. Hope I don't sneeze all over the sheets.


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Thanks Bruin, We do have Vick's here, but I prefer White Tiger Balm. However, whenever you are down this way I am sure we can find something to rub it in to, but I think it would be better to avoid either of them being rubbed in downunder. :wub:

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The last time I tried using White Tiger Balm (or a similar product from Sri Lanka) was a comical experience. I put some on my temples because somebody insisted it would help ease my headache. The next day I'd developed a red blotchy rash on my hands extending up my forearms, and in my groin too. It didn't occur to me that the ointment might have anything to do with it, and I took myself off to the local cottage hospital where a perceptive doctor asked about it and pointed out that the Balm contains extract of chillies, and that the concentration of the extract is not always well standardised. As for the rash in my groin, I must have handled my little friend when I still had some of the residue on my hands. Whoops!The rash got better over the next few days.

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I have seen the rash appear with Red Tiger Balm but never with the White as it is not as strong. I suspect you are sensitive to the chillies component even in the lower amounts used in the White. Vick's is safe.I have actually been having a lot of success with saline nasal sprays used every half 30 minutes or so.They are non-medicated so there is no over use danger. It is even safe if you are pregnant, so the label says. (if you are pregnant you must tell me how you did that as my bf and I have been trying for ages without any luck at all.)I just discovered a new product (for us here in Oz, anyway) called Sinoclear, which is also a saline spray but with added minerals. It seems very effective at keeping the nasal drips at bay and I am most impressed with it. (Needless to say I have no connection with the Sinoclear company other than as a happy customer.) :wub: Bruin, perhaps you and I could assist each other with our spraying?

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Indeed. Any time you need a spraying partner, let me know and I'll be right there. We can put our hands together, bow our heads and intone 'let us spray'...

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