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  1. Thank you so much Cole. I was tickled pink to see that Mike had featured my little story last month. It's a bit of a favourite of mine, and it makes me very happy whenever I discover that someone else likes it too. Now there's a whole 'nother set of Dude's Picks to check out, so I have some very pleasant evenings ahead.
  2. A great start, now it'll be torture having to wait for each episode...!
  3. Sorry you're not a fan, Cole, it's a big hit over here. Perhaps we're not a compassionate nation...
  4. I have an idea that's another thing that's been translated on its way across the big pond. In the UK we have The Great British Bake Off, but am I right that when it's broadcast Stateside it's renamed The Great British Baking Show? I have no idea why...
  5. I always thought having the horn was indicative of a rather different state...
  6. It gets maligned but I've always liked it - in its place...
  7. My new job is helping a one handed typist to do the capital letters. It's shift work.
  8. I have a hugging deficit. It's increasing during lockdown.
  9. Do you know where I can get a potato clock? I'm supposed to start work at 9am but I'm always late and my boss yelled at me saying; "You need to get a potato clock!"
  10. I told my suitcases we can't go on holiday this year. Now I'm having to deal with a lot of emotional baggage...
  11. There are two types of people in this world: 1/ Those that can extrapolate from incomplete data.
  12. (Re-posted here from The Raccoon's Den since it can be classed as an essay or equally as Flash (Science) Fiction) In the eighteenth century, people went about their business much as they always had done. There were changes, such as the canal network in Britain and other countries, and the first steel ships were changing ocean transport, but for the average man or woman, travel was mostly on foot, horseback or in some form of carriage, horse-drawn. The steam engine changed many things. Mines could be pumped dry and therefore dug deeper. Mills could function independent
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