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  1. Simon's Socks A great, funny, short from Camy, masterfully evocative of a British Boarding Schoolboy's adventure with some socks... No I'm not going to explain that, just go read!
  2. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Very interesting!
  3. I absolutely loved this. What a beautiful couple - in every sense.
  4. Lovely story, Cole. A very nicely crafted short, with a wonderfully satisfying story arc. Classic Cole!
  5. Very touchy-feely, those ancient Greeks!
  6. I just got an error message?
  7. He's very impressive, and apparently remarkably gifted with languages.
  8. Hmm, as a southerner I didn't recognize the town, Paul clearly knows the area much better than me. The story, on the other hand, is fascinating! I'm hooked and impatient for the next chapters.
  9. This: is Captain Pugwash and some members of his crew, stars of a very old British children's TV cartoon, much loved at the time. I didn't realize until recently, but there was an urban myth that some of the character names were double-entendres. Specifically, that shipmates Master Bates, Seaman Staines and Roger the Cabin Boy were among the crew. It turned out to be untrue, although there were crew members Master Mate, Tom the Cabin Boy, and Pirate Willy. The myth was promulgated by a number of media outlets that should have known better. At one point the respected Guardian newspaper had to publish a retraction as follows: In the Young Guardian of September 13 [1991] we stated that the Captain Pugwash cartoon series featured characters called Seaman Staines and Master Bates, and for that reason the series had never been repeated by the BBC. We accept that it is untrue that there ever were any such characters. Furthermore, the series continues to be shown on television and on video. We apologize to Mr. Ryan, the creator, writer and artist of the Captain Pugwash films and books. We have agreed to pay him damages and his legal costs.
  10. Yes indeed. Their outfits are preposterous, enormous jewelled rings, elaborately embroidered clothes, in any other walk of life they'd be crossdressers...
  11. Looks like I've bungled this one. It's posted in 'Laughs and Limericks' but otherwise I guess I didn't flag this clearly as a joke. To clarify: I have no idea what the archbishop's view is of gay marriage. The joke was a play on words: man-date. Sorry to cause confusion!
  12. The Archbishop of Canterbury has stated that he cannot support Gay Marriage without first having a mandate.
  13. I am deeply immersed in reading the Goldendale series by Bi Janus, having seen it featured in Dude's Picks from the Past on the AD homepage. It's a great series, heart-warming and uplifting, with sympathetic characters aplenty. Highly recommended.
  14. I just read all seven extant chapters. Wasn't sure about it for the first couple, but then I got more invested in the story and the characters, and now I'm waiting impatiently for the next chapter(s)...
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