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Election in Australia



So Australia has an election today (Saturday 21st August 2010) and our senate has 42 candidates.

Our electoral system is a preferential system, so if no candidate gets 50% the vote is allocated to the next person in line on your ballot paper, or something like that. (Hey, I'm Australian and it's our patriotic duty to be apathetic.

So I have spent all night looking up the policies of each main group of candidates and just to make sure everyone knows I am a left wing anarchist with progressive libertarian tendencies and don't like religion in my politics, I have decided to vote as follows:

1. The Australian Sex Party.

2. The Secular Party of Australia

3. The Socialist Alliance

4. The Greens.

The other candidates won't get a shoe-in after that, but just to make sure, I have arranged all the homophobic and Christian influenced parties at the very bottom of my list, with the other right wingnut candidates.

Of course, most probably tomorrow will bring either a Labor (=US Democrats) or a Liberal (=US Republicans) government, but as both appear to me to beholden to some religious influence and neither will have a thing to do with gay marriage, I am not too worried that my vote is wasted on encouraging the intelligent side of the force.

If the Borg had put up a candidate we might have been better off by voting them into power, at least they "add the biological and technological distinctiveness of other species to their own" in pursuit of perfection. (-Wiki). I'm sure the Borg would appreciate a fabulously perfect gay techno party or two.

As it is we will have to tolerate being tortured by the new Inquisition, like the rest of the planet.

I am so looking forward to being put to the question -not!

Next election I think I will start an Australian Cynics Party, if I haven't been burned at the stake.


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As of end of night counting, we seem to have a hung parliament. The Greens will have the balance of power in the Senate.It may take a week or more for counting to complete.

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Do the still do that, Downunder? They still do the occasional stoning in Afghanistan, so I isn't totally impossible to believe they still perform stake burnings elsewhere.Of course, these extreme forms of slaughter are always brough to you by your friendly religious orders.C

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Cole, the religious orders are on the rise, and the Aussies often confuse stake burnings with BBQ steak burnt offerings. :hug: We still have no definite result on the election.

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