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  1. Looks to me like that pool could negotiated in about 15 strokes. Trip's dad wants him to be a great swimmer, and it's the one sporting activity that Trip has taken to. Might as well train in a competition pool where he can stretch himself. Besides, think of the effect on visitors who walk out and see a full-sized pool!
  2. Not niggles, just misunderstandings. You just missed the bit where I said his folks have lots of money, good jogs, and wanted a house in which to entertain and make an impression. Sure, it's a huge pool. But in the acreage they have, it fits. C
  3. Peeking out above the waistband? Is that poetic hyperbole?
  4. You often have the same characters. It should be easier for you! 😄 C
  5. Aha! You can tell, I don't remember the characters or even the stories well after finishing them. Always moving on to the next. That has an upside, however: if I ever go back and read one of my own, it often seems like something new!
  6. I love striking pictures of boy. The one showing with My Incredible Summer I find astounding. http://awesomedude.com/cole-parker/my-incredible-summer/my-incredible-summer.htm
  7. You do like to get involved, don't you, R? Welcome into my world! C
  8. You guys are too kind. However, there are several times in this story when you're fed info that seems to lack provenance. All will be explained, all questions answered, in their time. Well, most of them.
  9. I'm not sure one Lamprey doesn't count as a surfeit. C
  10. I have been remiss in not mentioning two current mystery writers I find topnotch. It's also somewhat intriguing that both are Americans, yet both set their mysteries in England. One is Elizabeth George, whose main character is Thomas Linley, the other is Deborah Crombie who has two main characters, Gemma James and Duncan Kincaid. The George books are very long, very detailed, and expertly written. The Crombie books are a bit more accessible. George has 20 Linley novels written which should be read in order and they grow sequentially. Crombie's 17 books do the same. All the books are very good.
  11. I couldn't help myself, and so here comes another. It'll start Saturday. Have fun! I'm fond of this one. C
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