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  1. The time, certainly. You're both the same age, and the only ones I know here who are older than I am. As long as you two keep thriving, I have to, too. Competition, you know? This is an excellent story. And I remember those times, too. Such a long time ago now. And I remember the uncertainly and lack of information and nowhere to turn. I'm not sure how we ever ended up with sex ed in the schools. It certainly would face a hard fight these days. I think it's one of the great things that happened for kids. Wish we'd had it when I was young. C
  2. Actually, I don't even mind those. Cliffhangers get you thinking about the story, the characters, and anticipating what might come next. What about that isn't good? Now if you got one after each chapter, that might get tiring, but the occasional one, well, where's the harm? I think it promotes the story and gets the reader looking forward to the next chapter. C
  3. Anyone reading my stories know I love them. Well, creating them. Not so much reading them. C
  4. Excellent. No matter how inventive you've made the plot, it won't hold the readers' interest if it doesn't involve real people making real decisions and being affected by them. This article reinforces this in a way all writers should take note. Thanks, Camy. C
  5. You would bring up affectations, wouldn't you. /\ C
  6. I think that's spelled with two G's. C
  7. See? Patience pays off. Ha ha ha ha. C
  8. Knowledge is meant to be shared. c
  9. If you never got hell for it at recess, good for you! But then, I'm not sure there's much bullying in first grade. No one calling you a sesquipedalian at least. C
  10. I made the same decision; it was intentional for me, too. I'd always been a voracious reader starting before I was even a teen, and early on I became curious about all the words I encountered that I didn't understand. I started looking them up, and that became a habit. I remember that reading The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers, I had to look up a whole lot of words, but I enjoyed doing so. I learned early on not to spring this growing vocabulary on my friends. C
  11. Good to have at least one reader. Keep with it, R. Think you'll be pleased. And I'd guess you had a decent vocabulary as a teenager as did I. My editors hate it when I have teenagers speak like I did. Hate it. I have to be strong to ignore them. C
  12. I guess it depends on who you are, what your personality it is and your tastes. For some, it is more likely to find a mate at the grocery store, mostly because the type of person they'd want is more likely to be in the grocery store than getting wasted in a hook-up bar. But you're certainly right, some people would be better off looking in such a place for a mate if that's the kind of mate they wanted. It takes all kinds. None of us should try to dictate what someone else should like. C
  13. I tend to agree with everything you've written, Jason. People are complex. You can't define them with any single word. Yet there seems to be a need to be able to do that. Call someone a liberal and it's thought you have defined them. Or a redneck—call someone that and all aspects of him seem to have been covered. And of course that isn't true. It might define one little bit of him, but not the whole. Humans are too complicated to be fully described by a word or phrase. I'm not even sure we'd all define 'gay' the same way. There's an obvious definition, being interested in having sex with your same gender, but as you say, that's only a small part of it. I might quibble with this statement you wrote: I have found in my travels, the “gay community at large” are shallow, promiscuous, addicts, that are too self absorbed to be good friends much less good human beings. Some gay people are certainly that way, but I'd never define the gay community that way. Just look at the denizens who frequent our AD forum. I doubt that definition fits any of them. So does that mean they're not part of the 'gay community'? The gay community you describe in that way might be the ones who spend a whole lot of time in gay clubs for the sole purpose of hooking up and getting wasted. That certainly doesn't fit with my view of the gay lifestyle. I'd use that term to describe a married gay couple raising a family and part of the community they live in that's comprised of families of all kinds. To me, that's the ideal. C
  14. Isn't it great when a writer is able to generate such involvement with readers? I love this. C
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