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  1. To me, it's very clear. Personal gun ownership isn't a right. You have to be in a militia. Be nice if they'd have defined that term. Maybe 'militia' wasn't as loose in meaning back then as it is today. C
  2. I captioned it, but you're welcome to add your own. That kid has great hair! So many boys have such thick locks. I think that's why the messy style works so well. If he's that cute with a mask on, imagine what he looks like without one. He belongs at the head of the line. C
  3. This is the address I have for him, but it's been over a year since I've head from him and he's older than I am, making him Methuslah-like. I'd guess this is the same address you have. He is a good editor. acam@blueyonder.co.uk
  4. Wonderful, James. As someone with a musical background, I always look for the rhythms in stanzas, and you did a marvelous job here. The thoughts expressed were perfect, too. C
  5. Make up your mind, Talo. You say this: "It's valid to give a different review, it's valid to make an observation about a review and by demonstration make a different point, but silly remarks about a reviewer and an opinion expressed and explained are out of order." and then follow with: "Previous comments about it being a "supper story," "wonderful... great ending," are pretty much rubbish." So saying someone liked a story, found it super, was rubbish. Saying it "was very simplistic, totally unbelievable, and read like it was penned in five minutes" was acceptable. I guess you fe
  6. I don't think I ever read anything of his I didn't love. He left us far too soon. C
  7. Seems to me Mr. R runs hot and cold. This was a chilly day. C
  8. Hidden talents, that's our bear. C
  9. If you're blocked in one story, what I do is go write something else. Doing that gets the juices flowing again, gets your fingers nimble, and most importantly gets your brain loosey-goosey and, almost subconsciously, you'll figure out how to get past the block that has you constipated. Or, another thing I do is start writing the blocked story in a different place, somewhere that comes after the place where you're blocked. That helps, too. It really works well for me. Good luck! C
  10. That's one of several explanations I can think of. In any case, it's immaterial. Forget about it! C
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