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  1. All Camy's writing is lyrical and memorable. Wish there was more of it. C
  2. Probably not a good idea. You might well overwhelm the Angst-O-Meter. C
  3. In the UK, a someone will get a drugs test. In the US, that someone will get drug tests.
  4. I'm through chapter 10 and heartily agree. Wonderful writing, absorbing story. C
  5. It's difficult to be a teenager. Only the super-confident seem to withstand the age without lasting, sour memories. And I always wondered about those. C
  6. Gee, it's great to see you hear again, Gee. Never though I'd use Gee twice in a sentence. Wish you'd write more. You're one of my favorite writers here. Such inventive stuff! Thanks for the good words. This one is just getting started. C
  7. David. Read the description! Or perhaps that comes in another chapter. Can't remember! C
  8. Few things could make my Saturday morning happier than news of an upcoming new story by Douglas. Fantastic news! 👍
  9. R's totally right. I also believe that twin beds were named that because they were usually bought in twos and intended for the purpose R suggested, but also for a single child. I forget what the first TV show was that showed a married couple in a double or queen bed. But I'll bet it wasn't till the '70s, or maybe even '80s. We're such a stuffy country when it comes to anything dealing with sex. C
  10. Yeah, sorry, me again. But I'm hoping you like this one. It's a romance. And accidental one, actually. C
  11. Why are they all smiling? Someone must have farted. Loudly. C
  12. I like it! What are they, 11 or 12? C
  13. Here's a vagary for you. How do you spell 'ambience'? Can you spell it 'ambiance'? As a matter of fact, you can. Both spellings are acceptable. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any other words like that. C
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