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  1. If a school has, what, say 20,000 students, how in the world could they monitor hours and hours of recorded intrusions of that many students? That many students is common in U.S. unis and colleges. I might hazard a guess they save the info and then use it in cases they want to discipline a student or expel him. Seems like a violation of our 5th amendment, protection against self-incrimination.
  2. I could name seven of the pieces. 7/15 isn't all that great! Had they stuck to classical music, I'd have done better. The two guys were wonderful. Very enjoyable clip. C
  3. Not sure one month is long enough.
  4. Every writer has his own method!
  5. Start with a single word. Then continue. C
  6. Wonderful addition to this blog, Jason, and I'm so, so happy for you. You had some much turmoil, so much unhappiness and uncertainty for so long, and now it's all come together for you in the best way possible. Yeah, have kids. Then you'll know another kind of ultimate, undying love. C
  7. Hopefully, it won't be too long before Colin's hours are a bit freer than they've been. The virus as caused turmoil for both those who caught it and those who didn't. He's fine, and really wants to get back to his stories. A little more patience is required. He'll be back when he can be.
  8. I've known and worked with many, many trumpet players in my time in bands and orchestras. Let me say, James, a disproportionate majority of them had egos the size of California. I've never had the feeling you're that way at all; you're much too nice. Perhaps that's why you never took to the instrument.
  9. I have to do a lot of editing when my monkees are ghosting for me, but I find their spelling is just a bit better than mine, so that' no not the problem. What they do suffer with is pronouns. But what can one expect? They are monkees, after all. C
  10. My entry to the mix this year will be quite different from that one. Hope Mike gets a lot of submissions. C
  11. Your discovery is fake news, Nigel. Eggnog is sold in grocery stores as a nonalcoholic beverage, but when served as a holiday drink at parties, adult parties, it's usually juiced up with brandy or rum. Yum. C
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