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Coming Out At Thanksgiving



My dysfunctional family would have been difficult to come out to. They all died before the modern era of liberation, but the real problem would have been, when to tell them. Let's say I chose a celebration like Christmas dinner. (We don't have thanksgiving here in Australia, but we have 'turkeys' in every family)

Anyway getting back to when to tell my family. First I would have to wait until I could get them altogether. Dad would have had to be in town which wasn't all that often, so step-father would have to substitute, if he could stop looking at himself in the mirror.

Grandmother, mother and her sister with her second husband would all have to be in the same room which would be in the kitchen, pouring the Christmas wine.

The big decision would be whether to tell them before they got drunk, during the meal, or before they passed out after the meal which they didn't eat because they were too busy drinking, shouting and swearing.

At least I wouldn't have to wait until someone said grace. Maybe I could have done it after they all wished each other, "Merry Christmas."

I'm sure they would have accepted me until they sobered up the next day. It probably wouldn't have mattered, they would never have remembered I told them.


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