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Just what has happened to me?



Where have I been?

Friends, despite rumours to the contrary, I haven't been ill, dead, or ignoring you all.

Our video store has been in decline for several months and that has left us with many troubles which have demanded most of my time.

We finally closed the store at the end of February. Renting DVDs has become too difficult in a small town like ours, especially when you consider that 70% of discs are returned with scratches, dried pizza and greasy etchings from fingers. I suspect some people have used the shiny silver platters to serve the Hors d'?uvres. So we have stopped renting DVDs and decided to go online to only sell DVDs. Our website should be up and running shortly.

The local cinema (run by friends of ours) has also given us an area where we sell new and ex-rental stock. That has been doing quite well too.

At present we are trying to keep our heads above financial poverty with other projects, and hopefully we will realise some rewards which will permit some free time to write some stories again. I managed to sell my old car for more than it was worth, and got $180 for it. we eat this week. :armwrestle[1]:

Of course I would like to blame our dire state of affairs on the right wing politicians, but it seems the left is almost equally to blame. Thankfully we didn't vote for either of them. We voted for the Australian sex Party. And no, I am not joking, they actually exist. LOL

So just as soon as I get some free moments I will attempt to write a story or three, but it may take a little longer before I am able to do so.




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You two seem to be keeping your heads above water with grit and determination and your spirits up, too, probably by following through on some of the planks in the platform of the party of your choice.A lot of people here are pulling for you, Des. If anyone has the tenacity and smarts to get through this, it's certainly you.Cole

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And the monstrous 'credit crunch' bites in Australia, too. So sorry you've been the victim of the beast, Des. On the other hand, thank you for popping up to give us an update so we know you're still around!As Cole says, hang on in there, buddy, we're all rooting for you and I for one have confidence you'll get through it. You can do it, you can do it, rah, rah, rah!! (shakes pompom, wiggles bum, executes perfect high kick, pulls hamstring, lies on ground in agony...)

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Des, I truly feel the agony of what you're going through. I lost 40% of my income last June and have had to make a lot of painful adjustments. But you seem to know what is important in life..you always have. Bruin is right; you'll get through this. It's only a matter of sticking it out, doing what you have to do (and I know you will) and keeping that positive frame of mind that endears you to us.

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Thank you Cole, Bruin and Richard, your words of encouragement are much appreciated and help keep our spirits up.Some days our optimism is all we have, but we refuse to submit to the forces of evil. (insert thunder bolt and dramatic heroic music here.) :sad:

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I don't know what to say that won't sound overly schmultzy. Instead I'll send you a huge virtual hug. And another one for extra luck. :hug:Camy

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