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What's New in Codey's World 01/10/2018

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Doing Something ~ Chapter 11 of a Novel by Cole Parker. A sixteen year old boy faces major life changes, ones he hates, and there isn’t anything he can do about them but make the best of it.

High School Hero ~ Chapter 1 of a New Novel by Cole Parker. High school is part wonderful, part wrenching for most everyone.
Along the way, for the lucky ones, personal growth occurs.

Featured stories are from our archive and we think you'll enjoy reading them again — or for the first time.
The Knight's Cowboy's Tale of 33 Names ~ A Short Story by Anonymous. This is... something truly unusual. Paul has taken a list of 33 words provided by Corey and written a truly strange tale — using all of those words — that's inventive and hilarious. Read on; you'll enjoy.

Click here to read the hundreds of serial novels, short stories, flash fiction, and poems on the Codey's World site.


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